[Mount Aso](53 minutes drive from hotel)

Mt. Aso, which symbolizes "Kumamoto the land of fire" is not a single mountain, but the five peaks of Mt. Nekodake, Mt. Takadake, Mt. Nakadake, Mt. Eboshidake and Mt. Kishimadake. is an active volcano with repeated volcanic activity. Access is restricted when the volcano is active or when toxic gas is generated, but when the activity is calm, you can climb up to the vicinity of the crater and enjoy a magnificent and powerful view.

[Aso Saru-Mawashi(Monkey Trainer) Theater]
(25 minutes drive from hotel)

Located in Minami Aso, at the foot of Mt. Aso, surrounded by one of the world's largest calderas, this is a theater where you can enjoy the nature of Aso while experiencing it.
The area is divided into the theater and the monkey mountain, and the theater is fully equipped with air conditioning and is barrier-free.
The 1,000-year-old traditional performing art "Suo Saru-Mawashi" has been designated as an Intangible Folk Cultural Property, and the harmonious performance of the trainers and the monkeys is a must-see.

[Aso Strawberry Field~Kinouchi Farm~]
(20 minutes drive from hotel)

The strawberry picking experience, where you can pick fresh strawberries with your own hands, is popular with many people, and you can taste various varieties of strawberries.
At Kinouchi Farm, in order to grow safe and delicious strawberries, the staff carefully grows each one, and is working on strict quality control and consideration for the environment.
At the shop, strawberries picked from the farm, original soft serve ice cream, strawberry jam, etc. are sold.

[Aso Cuddly Dominion](30 minutes drive from hotel)

It is a rare animal contact kingdom in the world where you can interact with many animals such as small bears, dogs, cats, and capybaras in a vast site that makes use of the great nature of Aso.
You can enjoy a panoramic experience on the helicopter sightseeing flight, and the animal performance show "Pudding-chan", who is familiar on TV, is performing well.

[Aso Milk Ranch](23 minutes drive from hotel)

At the Aso Milk Ranch in the great nature of Aso, you can not only interact with the animals, but also experience milking, feeding, horseback riding, harvesting, and more.
In addition, there are many other events such as handmade classes and learning classes, and at the product exhibition, there are plenty of products recommended for souvenirs, such as original dairy products, meat products, and specialty products.

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