『VISTA Cafe』(1F)

| Japanese and Western buffet breakfast |

We use rice and vegetables grown in Kumamoto Prefecture and miso produced in Kyushu to prepare dishes unique to Kumamoto. We also have a daily changing menu for guests staying for consecutive nights.

Recommend・standard menu

| Original curry with Kumamoto tomatoes |

Tomato production is thriving in Kumamoto. It boasts the largest production volume and superior quality in Japan.
Please enjoy this Kumamoto-grown tomato roux with Kumamoto-grown rice (Hinohikari).

| Miso soup with vegetables |

We use miso produced in Kyushu.
Try this healthy, vegetable-flavored miso soup that complements Japanese menus and rice dishes.

| Mustard lotus root |

One of the local dishes of Kumamoto, the lotus root is stuffed with mustard miso, coated with a mixture of egg yolks, and fried in oil.

The sharp taste and texture of lotus root have attracted attention, and bakeries and fast food restaurants in the Kumamoto also use it for sandwiches and hamburgers.

| Chikuwa salad tempura |

It is a dish of potato salad stuffed into a chikuwa(fish sausage) and tempura, and is considered Kumamoto's soul food.

If you come to Kumamoto, you should definitely try this dish.

Restaurant Information

VenueThe first floor restaurant「VISTA Cafe」
Opening Hours6:30-9:30

In the morning, the lobby is enveloped in the pleasant aroma of breakfast from the Vista Café.
Spend a wonderful time while enjoying dishes that make use of local ingredients at the open Vista Café, which is lit on two sides.